Free Point-of-Sale and Marketing Materials

2022 Summer and Christmas Point-of-Sale Kit

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With both summer and Christmas material, the new kits will last you all through the warmer months.

2 x summer posters

1 x Christmas poster

2 x summer decal stickers

1 x Christmas decal sticker

100 x eight-page summer recipe leaflets

100 x double-sided Christmas recipe pamphlets

Pulled Pork Point-of-Sale Kit

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The pulled pork point-of-sale kit is designed to work in conjunction with our pulled pork slider TV commercials which you can watch here. The kit includes:


2 x A2 Poster

2 x Glass decal sticker 300x300

1 x Roll 30mm stickers

150 x Recipe leaflets




The Versatility Point of Sale Kit

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The versatility point of sale kit is about the versatility and ease of cooking with pork. It includes:


1 x A2 Poster

1 x Counter card with leaflet holder

150 x Recipe leaflets

The Pork Butchers Value-Add Recipe Book

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Note: The recipes in this book are for butcher's to use to make value-added recipes in store.


A recipe book filled with a collection of value-add recipes for butchers to prepare in stores.